"Greetings, my name is Kim Weeks and I bought one of Terri’s very successful service businesses in 2014.  The company that Terri created was a genius business model that truly benefitted others, she filled a unique void in the marketplace, she made a positive difference.  Her business was efficient, she had the appropriate systems, documentation, audit trails, etc. in place, the business was very profitable.  Those who worked with Terri provided positive feedback about their experience.  Terri solely ran the business, she managed the office, the scheduling, the marketing, she did it all.  She is brilliant, she is entrepreneurial, she is passionate and has so much energy and drive, Terri is a perfectionist at everything she does.  Since we have gotten to know Terri, we appreciate her genuine kindness, concern for others including animals and our precious planet.  She is also a lot fun, she loves to laugh and smile and she has an adventurous spirit. We cannot say enough good things about Terri as a person and as an innovative and successful Business Manager. She has much more work to do in this world and we always look forward to watching her achievements which provide good for others."  Kim, Marietta, GA


"To my neighbors in Atlantic Beach:  I support Terri Ray as mayor because I know her as a neighbor and friend.  She truly loves Atlantic Beach and will work tirelessly to make our little village an even better place to live. I want to tell you about the person Terri is, and give you some examples of her character which are demonstrated by her actions. Some of these are:

  • When we heard a neighbor had become seriously ill, she organized a group of friends to clean and care for their lawn.  If she hears a friend or neighbor is dealing with adversity of any kind,  she places a note in the mailbox expressing her willingness to help out with errands or meal preparation.

  • Terri shows her giving side by supporting a number of charitable causes.  She spear headed efforts to have all the neighbors on our street support a meal for those staying at Gabriel House, a home for post operative transplant patients to recover.  She collected money, determined the menu, bought the supplies and assigned everyone a task for preparing the meal including detailed instructions on the recipe for each menu item.  We served about 40 people which included relatives of the patients who were also staying at the house. The whole event came together seamlessly because of her gift for organizing and detailed planning.

  • For every major hurricane or other storms, she collects and delivers supplies to a central location where they can be distributed to those in need.  Most recently she collected and delivered to the Bahamas.  She also has fostered and placed dogs in need following the storm devastation in Puerto Rico.

Terri is the most energetic person I have ever known.  She will rapidly identify problems, develop intelligent solutions and implement them with trust, speed and precision.  She will be a doer who can work well with others and make an immediate impact.   I ask for your support and promise that you will be glad you voted for Terri Ray."  Barb,  Atlantic Beach, FL

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"I have known Terri for over seven years now and during that time, her dedication to orphans both at home and abroad has never wavered. She is always willing to put her beliefs into action through consistent giving to those who are less fortunate. From building houses, to sponsoring a family, to buying school supplies and providing much needed prayer; Terri’s generous spirit shines as she not only says she wants to help - but actually does it on an ongoing basis. She is always on the first people to ask, “What can we do?  How can we make this better?” I love that about her and am so thankful she is part of my faith family. She is a role model for others as she leads by example."  Jessica, Jacksonville FL


"In 1999 when our paper mill facility had been recently purchased by a very large global company, it was one of their higher cost and struggling production facilities, landing it on a list for possible shut down or sale.  Terri Ray was brought in to evaluate if our costs and performance could be improved. Upon her arrival, she built management and high performance work teams within a collaborative environment that fast-tracked our turnaround to one of the lowest cost and highest efficient producers in the organization, all within one year!  Her ability to manage all of the people, projects, processes, and priorities successfully was exceptional.  Terri would be a true asset in any leadership role and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."   Penny, Roanoke VA


"It is with pleasure and highest regard that we recommend Ms. Terri Ray for the position of Atlantic Beach Mayor. We have had the pleasure of knowing her for ten years. During this time she has demonstrated herself to be a fair, compassionate and pro-active resident. Terri has proven her compassion in her charitable work at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, where she supports mission work for orphans and business opportunities for women in South Africa, through Bible study and her service here at the church. Terri’s high energy, no nonsense approach to problem-solving is a refreshing and welcoming display of her caring demeanor. Terri is perfect for your city and her entrepreneurial spirit will set her apart from the usual political minded candidates. With Regards,"  Rob and Debra, St. Johns, FL


"I have known Terri  Ray since 1988 in a variety of capacities for many years, including working with her while she was the Department Manager at the Gaylord Pulp & Paper Facility in Antioch, CA. Terri has proven to be an intelligent, efficient and competent manager who is detail oriented and focused on obtaining results. She had excellent rapport with her peers and co-workers. Terri would be an excellent addition to any organization and I would highly recommend her for the position of Mayor of Atlantic Beach."   Doug, AZ