Terri's Strategic Plans for Atlantic Beach 
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Safety and security of our citizens and their property is a most fundamental duty and responsibility of your elected leaders. I pledge, if elected, to work tirelessly to provide this sacred protection for all in Atlantic Beach. I further pledge undeterred curiosity of any reported or detected incident that may pose a risk to your safety or security with complete transparency.
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COVID-19 Plan

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COVID-19 has had a major impact on every aspect of our lives. How local leaders responded, either improved or diminished our quality of life through this event. Business Owners were especially hit hard, along with families within our community. City Leadership also has a duty to do everything possible to protect city workers who tirelessly serve our city.
A local government that is connected to the people, and understands their struggles, will work hard to:
1) have us prepared for anything,
2) effectively communicate to avoid adding to the confusion,
3) have full curiosity to pursue ways to ease the burdens by resources available in the City of Atlantic Beach.
Terri Ray is that connected member of our city. She is active in her community to hear what is important to them. Having run brick & mortar businesses, she understands the kind of actions that would provide much needed relief to local businesses.
As you review the COVID plan, you will see that a Mayor Ray is the one you want on your Team. She can bring the kind of expertise we haven't had before to ready us for anything. Her steady & solid leadership is exactly what we need. And you can count on every decision will be for the best interest of those in our city. And there is no doubt that Terri will make the hard decisions, when needed. And she will stand by any decision she makes. 
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Terri Ray Thoughts On Improving City Fin

City Finance Ideas (coming soon) 

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Terri's Focus Areas (plans coming soon)
  • Safe Streets & Neighborhoods
  • City Flooding Problems
  • Customer Service Improvements
  • Transparency in City Hall
  • Financial Responsibility
  • Stewardship Today for Best Tomorrow
  • Business Partnership Opportunities

Terri on Fixing North Beaches Paid Parking

The Town Center Paid Parking Project began in September 2019. The requirement for a smart phone App and unclear messaging caused widespread confusion among all, especially with a large elderly population in our city, this equipment choice was particularly tone deaf. Ten months into the project  it remains marred with confusion and with lack of clarity for Atlantic Beach residents. Local businesses continue to suffer with loss of patrons who chose to avoid this confusing parking scenario for locations with private parking to shop or dine. 

I was against this project under the terms our city leaders agreed because:

1) Sold as 18-24 month pilot program; however, Atlantic Beach contractually agreed to an uncertain project for 5 (five) full years of participation or suffer serious financial penalties.

2) Chronic execution failures & changes (aka failed project scoping)

3) The expected ROI was never disclosed

4) COAB lack of involvement in the project has resulted in startup problems, confusion and losses to local businesses

5) The initial project included NB residents free parking, similar to Jacksonville Beach program. Atlantic Beach chose to require AB residents to pay half. This resulted frustration for many residents, often redirecting them to other locations to patronize to avoid this area. Add the confusion in the messaging, this has resulted in real local business losses since last fall. Just recently, free parking for residents was voted on, but after nine months, there remains confusion.

6) With an elderly population and known security problems with the app (Flowbird), I would advocate for an alternate option for our residents, such as car hanger, sticker or window decal. Asking seniors to navigate through our cobblestone streets for a kiosk and then need a smart phone and/or an online set-up is unfairly burdensome to our elderly residents. 

Now how would Terri unwind this? First, cease all further work from current until a complete Project Scope Analysis is done along with a ROI (Return On Investment) for the project to determine if it is profitable to the City of Atlantic Beach WiTHOUT negative impact on Local Businesses or security concerns for users.. This would certainly include listening to our local businesses & residents. Depending on findings, we either find the financial solution to exit the program or modify engagement in the project OR we modify the scope so the cost benefit can be realized. If exiting the program is decided, obviously a replacement strategy needs to be ready to implement so AB parking spots are not the exclusive target for free parking. I lean for a Resident sticker/window hanger program for our spots. Simple and safe for the user. But I will listen to the ideas of others on the commission and residents and business owners so we can find the RIGHT solution. Not just a solution 


Project Management Experience solving Real World problems looks to be needed.