The focus of a Mayor Ray

she is running for what matters the most

The Focus of a Mayor Ray

This election will decide if we can get back our quiet, little residential community or if we continue on this path of a new brand as a tourist destination. I liked the old Atlantic Beach and am running to lead us to get it back.. 


I have listened to you while in the community each day. Below is a list of concerns I continue to hear from you, with some of my ideas to address them.. They are,

  • Safe Travel & Quiet, Neighborhood Enjoyment. So families today, and tomorrow, can feel safe when letting their children walk or bike through our streets. Homeowners can freely enjoy their property without intrusion or harassment. Where laws are fairly enforced for protection of all, and police will have full support given all the tools they need. Where residents are assured their leaders have full curiosity of any reported or anticipated incident and relentlessly pursue resolution.. 

  • Spend Taxpayer Money Wisely. As a fiscal conservative, I believe we need to operate below budget each month, just like families and businesses do everyday. We should spend money on things important to the community, decided through rigorous debate and community involvement. And let's select contractors on price/performance, searching local first, expecting on-budget & on-time performance. Large projects be inspected with outside & unbiased expertise with any contract performance failure result in rolling penalty. Make sure our reserves are replenished and maintained higher than most other cities due to our proximity to bordering waterways and major military asset. (detailed thoughts coming soon)

  • Support City Businesses. Develop formal partnership with local businesses to stay connected on their needs or opportunities for support. Engage them for best mutual benefit in any new city project that may impact them. Preferentially support each local businesses through all means available. Since knowing firsthand the challenges of running a business, our local government can either be an asset or a liability. As an experienced business owner, I will be lead our city to be valuable city business partner and asset dedicated to doing the City's part in helping them thrive in Atlantic Beach. (Better Ideas for Biz COVID impact)

  • Reduce Recent Regulation Overreach & Cost Burden. If you have done work recently on your home, you will understand this topic. Not all contractors want to work in our city due to the tedious/onerous nature of permitting as compared to neighboring cities. The contractors that will work in AB, add 10-15% surcharge to offset the load and expected job delays with current AB processes. The recently passed Impervious laws  leaves you only 45% free use of your property. And, let's face it, the impervious regulation is really part of the band-aid to cover poor city drainage. Like my approach to the problem of city flooding (below), we need to use science and start solving problems at the root cause rather than target a portion of law-abiding homeowners to bear the brunt of the infrastructure problem.And as a result of years of lot/subdivision clearing, tree permitting now has become laborious for most. Regulating our use of dumpsters, supplied by few vendors, adds considerable cost to any work.  This just names a few. So I think it is fair to say Atlantic Beach regulations have recently grown out of control. We all agree some regulations are needed for safety, neighborhood visibility and preservation of property value. But this piling on of new regulations is strangling homeowners and is to most, overreach of government in our ability to freely enjoy our property. Most of us liked the old Atlantic Beach and moved from HOA or other urban vibe for this quiet enjoyment. This topic needs a full canvas approach in a level headed, science & data driven manner. A Mayor Ray has solved similar problems before and is fluent to converse on the topic in a technical level that is needed, to reach  the right remedy and solution. 

  • Right Fix for TC Paid Park & City Flooding. The more I talk with residents, I learn their flooding problems have persisted for decades. It is one of the more complex issues to solve and will require a good and solid city-wide plan. I have reviewed all previous plans and see some gaps, including we have spent much money in certain areas, yet flooding persists or was moved to their neighbor. Getting a Master Plan that is exclusively based on science of water flow is where we need to start. I have an engineering degree in fluid dynamics. With me, you will have a voice in City Hall to ask the right questions so our final plan will be a final Fix! My ideas on TC Paid Parking can be found on my Better AB Ideas page. 

  • Service Excellence from City Hall. Let's face it, each city employee really works for us. So we should expect ease of use and Customer Service Excellence & full Customer Delight from every experience we have with City Hall. I frequently hear this is not the case. I built a first-of-its-kind business focused solely on those principles. It worked and we can do that here with upgraded technology & more user-friendly interactive & convenience experiences. There are untapped opportunities to improve usability ease of our website and ways to better encourage more communication exchange between the City and citizens. 

  • Stewardship Solutions for Now. We have great partnerships with local groups that do amazing work. We are lucky to have them. But there are many opportunities for City leaders to engage directly with residents and businesses. Then together, we can achieve stewardship milestone. Things achieved together, are celebrated together! My full ideas on better Stewardship Now  coming out soon at Better AB Ideas page. View Preview Now

Other duties of responsibility I see or areas I find important include:

  • Follow with precision our City Charter which guides all elected leaders in Atlantic Beach to “Pass ordinances and laws for the preservation of the public peace and order and impose penalties for the violation thereof”

  • Support our Police and ensure they have the tools they need,

  • Lead for city employees workplace to be inclusive, open, fair & respectful,​

  • Tested & Effective Crisis Readiness Plans (View Here),

  • Safe, non-interrupted Resident Access to Beach, River & Parks,

  • Advocate "Buy Florida First - American Only" in City Hall,

  • Create a Seniors Advisory Board to utilize their wisdom in projects/messaging,

  • Restore transparency & efficiency in city hall, encouraging more resident participation.




Terri's Pledge To You


Atlantic Beach, I pledge to run a positive campaign that is focused on solutions and ideas as one of your candidates for Mayor.  I will present to you who I am and how I want to serve you in City Hall.  I further pledge to spend my time trying to reach as many of you as I can, so I can to hear your ideas and concerns., and I will answer each of your well-meaning questions with honesty and respect. I will also ask local vendors first for any products/services needed for this campaign. I will present my own ideas, and when historical contrast or data is warranted, it will be done with publicly available & verified data only. I will treat other candidates with decorum and respect, which includes respecting their platforms by not injecting comment or other invasion, unless specifically invited by that candidate.  I further agree I will not engage in any political trickery or games, such as orchestrating others to post "gotcha" questions, sending any of my supporters to opposing events, capturing any private conversation without knowledge or any exploration of personal information beyond what is publicly and easily available to all citizens. I further will not do any personal attacks of candidates or their supporters, and will be silent or polite in response to any such attack on me. 


Atlantic Beach, let's ask each of our candidates to run a campaign rooted in honesty, integrity and without political games. A race our city can be proud of. As our city has many opportunities and faces some issues, we now have the opportunity of three uniquely different candidates with solutions varied in background as is they platform. Be informed, learn about each of your candidates and let's together, have an election that our city can truly be proud of. Let's Do This Atlantic Beach. 

Terri Lynn Ray


Why I Am Running to be Your Mayor