Terri Lives & Loves Atlantic Beach Lifestyle

Terri embraces everything about Atlantic Beach and will work tirelessly to preserve resident access to our vast city's treasures. After living in 13 other cities, she selected this special place because of its unique and quiet, quaint character with friendly neighbors, residential landscape and flourishing wildlife. She is running to be Mayor so the tomorrow we leave the next generation provides the same free & healthy lifestyle to Live and Love AB.


Terri values our access to the Atlantic Ocean and Intercoastal Water with all its beauty and flourishing life. She will fight to protect the safety and access so all residents can continue to enjoy these city treasures.


She paddleboards often and has taught many residents this sport she so loves so they can enjoy our amazing natural beauty that surrounds us. She also beach walks, surfs and ocean swim as part of her healthy outdoor AB lifestyle.

Terri enjoys the company of her two dogs, Mako and Moray along with a frequent rotation of a foster dog. She loves the opportunities the bountiful parks and beach access provides to train and socialize these foster dogs to give them the best chance to find and flourish in a perfect forever home. 

You will find Terri riding her bike to local restaurants, shopping, events or on the beach. She wants to keep our streets and accesses safe for bikers/walkers throughout the city so they can support local business. She will encourage others to do the same by increasing safe parking areas for bikes & carts & electric vehicles for access to local businesses, events, parks and beach access points. Day one she will advocate for Safe Drop/Pick zone to keep revelers safe at Town Center.

Terri Supports Local. You may find her reading one of her Children's Books to local school kids, organizing a charity drive for local family, patronizing local businesses, and promoting through her network of media connections charity and small businesses. With her family so effected by Cancer, you will always find Terri supporting the local race for a cure in full and enthusiastic mode!


Faith Based Mission Work, Sea Turtle Patrol, Whitney Labs, Gabriel House, Mission House & Natural Disaster Relief efforts are others she vigorously supports.

Terri is a certified and experienced Scuba Diver and frequently dives the ocean and springs with favorite destinations being Florida Keys, Cozumel Mexico and thrill dive shark feeding.  She passionately supports Coral Restoration Foundation since they brought attention to the vital importance to our planet to restore our coral reefs and donates her time to work on their coral regrowth underwater farm.

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