Let's Talk about our Community of Atlantic Beach. 

  1. Safe Streets & Neighborhoods Protecting you and your family should be the first priority of your elected leaders. With the dangerous rise in traffic and crime, we need leaders with the courage to face this head on.

  2. Restore Our Property Rights I believe we all have the right to quietly enjoy our homes and property. The recent trend of passing strangling regulations needs to stop.  Let's elect leaders with knowledge of the issues and the curiosity to pursue new & innovative solutions to our city's problems that do not infringe on property rights.

  3. Fix City Flooding The same city neighborhoods continue to suffer flooding from normal rainstorms. Many studies done, yet the problem persists. We need leaders willing to learn city infrastructure science and history of this complex issue, so the right long-term strategic plan can be developed, budgeted and followed. 

  4. Support Local Business Running a small business is hard. I know, because I have done it. Let's elect city leaders who have experience and understanding of business ownership. So when adversity strikes, a business will know they have an advocate who is on their team to help them and their employees.  

  5. Responsible Money Management With this year's budget raised about $10Million dollars over last year, residents ask "what did we spend all that money on?"  Recently passed legislation allow our city to reduce emergency funds with more ways to spend it. This is the wrong direction for a seaside city, next to a major military base in hurricane risk area. It is time we have leaders in city hall that have experience running large budgets and operating them responsibly. Leaders that treat every dollar as carefully as the taxpayers that entrusted them with it.

  6. Kinder Stewards of our Planet Our beaches and ICW are full of trash, marine-life is suffering from plastic ingestion and our natural preserve is fighting to survive from the eroding asphalt road along its banks. Let's elect leaders that have the curiosity to find ways our city can be kinder to our planet with the education & the team building skills to rally everyone toward a goal to do better.